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Myrtle Beach making more drunk driving arrests in 2014

Despite the fact that nobody wants to be arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this is a problem that many people face every year. In the event that somebody makes the poor decision to drink and drive, the chance of being arrested is very real.

Now that the Myrtle Beach Police Department Traffic Division has published it mid-year report, it is easy to see that drunk driving arrests throughout the area have increased over the past year.

Prositution sweep in Horry County results in charges for 17

In many areas of the country, prostitution is a significant problem. With the Internet, a prostitute doesn't have to meet a "john" on a street corner -- a couple of emails or phone calls, and the date is set. The Internet has also opened doors for law enforcement, though, as well. In this case out of Horry County, South Carolina, the Internet was used with the help of a confidential informant to arrange meetings for sexual acts. Once a transaction was made for sexual acts, the law stepped in.

As a result of the prostitution sting, 17 men were either arrested or given a summons with a date to appear in court. Some of the men ended up with other charges, too, such as for the possession of marijuana and other drugs. The ages of the men ranged from 22 to 55. The names of the men and where they were from was released to the public.

South Carolina man assaults girlfriend with her own walker

An incident that occurred in February this year is getting closure. A South Carolina man assaulted his girlfriend. Whatever set him off is unknown, but he threw her own walker at her, as well as a salt shaker and a disc player. The result: he was charged with attempted murder.

The 51-year-old man pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to eight years in prison. He also has to enroll in a program for treatment of drugs and alcohol, pay the medical bills incurred by his victim and go to “batterer’s counseling.” Assault and battery crimes have all degrees of levels when it comes to the damages done, and this one must have been pretty intensive. According to police and prosecutors, the woman, who was unable to move when she was found by deputies, looked as if she might have been hit by a hammer in her head.

South Carolina man facing three felonies for sex crimes

A man from South Carolina has been arrested by the Yadkin County Sheriff's Office on three felonies for sex crimes. The alleged crimes involved a child of unknown age and occurred in 2012. The 22-year-old man was reportedly a close friend of the family.

At the time that the sheriff's office was notified of the complaint, law enforcement was not able to find the defendant. He was subsequently arrested in another part of the state and extradited to Yadkin County.

South Carolina unhappy about proposed DUI limit change

Drunk driving is a crime that is committed everyday by people all over the country, including those in the state of South Carolina. Even though most people realize they should never drink and drive, some make this mistake anyway and end up having to deal with the legal consequences.

Approximately one year ago, the National Transportation Safety Board introduced several measures to cut back on drunk driving throughout the country; however, many of the initiatives are losing steam at the state level, particularly the idea of lowering the blood alcohol content limit.

South Carolina sheriff faces 10 counts for federal crimes

A position of power is something that shouldn't ever be abused. When allegations of abuse of power are made, the person in power might feel slighted. At that point, protecting his or her good name becomes a high priority. For South Carolina's longest serving sheriff, allegations of accepting bribes and giving certain preferential treatment are tarnishing his reputation.

The sheriff of Lexington County took office in 1972 when he was only 25 years old. He was the youngest person to ever hold that position. That fact, however, didn't stop the federal grand jury from indicting him on 10 counts of federal crimes.

Teen killed in South Carolina DUI accident

Drinking and driving is dangerous on many levels, including the fact that it can lead to an accident that causes serious injury or even death. A 23-year-old man from Clinton has been charged with felony DUI with death by the South Carolina Highway Patrol for causing an accident that killed a 16-year-old woman.

According to troopers, the man was driving a Crown Victoria after midnight on Interstate 26 in Spartanburg County. At that time, he drove off the side of the road and upon correcting, hit the guardrail. It was then that the driver, as well as the 16-year-old girl, were ejected from the vehicle. A third person in the car at the time of the accident was not injured.

DUI charges filed against Horry County schoolteacher

It's easy to assume that some people don't make the mistakes that others do. For example, when a police officer, politician or schoolteacher is arrested, it's almost shocking. However, the truth is that these people and others can make the same mistake when it comes to driving while intoxicated.

A teacher with the Horry County schools was arrested on June 9 on several charges. She is a science teacher for sixth-graders at St. James Middle School. She was booked into the Georgetown County Detention Center early that morning.

Bus involved in auto accident trying to avoid debris in road

Drivers always have to be aware of everything that is going on around them. This awareness may mean the driver tries to avoid potential hazards. In some cases, avoiding potential hazards can lead to an accident. That was what happened recently when a bus and two pickup trucks collided on the Sea Island Parkway.

The accident happened when a 16-passenger bus carrying special needs adults swerved to avoid a basket in the roadway. When the bus driver swerved, the bus flipped over and slid head-on into a pickup truck. The auto accident also caused another pickup truck to strike the rear end of the bus.

2 killed, others injured in Sumter auto accident

An auto accident can happen at any time, regardless of the location, time, day or number of vehicles on the road. Often, this is caused by the negligence of one driver. A recent auto accident in Sumter, South Carolina, killed two people and left many others with injuries. According to the Sumter Police Department, the fatal accident occurred at approximately 7:30 p.m. at Myrtle Street and Lafayette Drive.

A spokesperson for the police department noted that a preliminary investigation indicated that a Hyundai traveling south crossed the centerline and into oncoming traffic, subsequently colliding with two vehicles, a Cadillac sedan and Lincoln SUV.

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