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Drug interdiction leads to 7 felony arrests in South Carolina

When you're traveling, especially on the interstates, police could be targeting you with their drug interdiction efforts. While there must be probable cause for law enforcement to stop a vehicle, this could be ignored if an officer or deputy believes you may be committing a crime simply because of the type of car you drive or the state where your car is registered. If you are arrested and are facing criminal charges as a result of drug interdiction efforts by law enforcement, an experienced criminal defense attorney will want to know everything that occurred before, during and after the car stop. This is to ensure that your rights were not violated.

While it's not clear if that is what happened during recent drug interdiction efforts in South Carolina, it is possible. Seven people are now facing felony charges after three South Carolina law enforcement agencies focused their drug interdiction efforts on Highway 11 and Interstate 85 on April 3.

Law passed in South Carolina House hopes to lower deaths by DUI

Ignition interlock devices are designed to keep a vehicle from starting if the driver's blood alcohol content is .02 percent or more. Currently in South Carolina, those convicted of multiple drunk driving offenses are the people required to install such a device on their vehicles. A law passed by the state House of Representatives, though, could change that.

The House voted unanimously to pass a law aimed at increasing the number of people convicted of drunk driving who would be required to install the ignition interlock device. Another vote will be required before it is sent back to the Senate for a vote because there were changes made to it in the House.

Man pleading guilty to federal crimes related to online activity

One of the basic rights of American citizens is the right to free speech. With the popularity of the Internet, the right to say what you want is sometimes hindered. As new situations come up in court, the court is forced to decide how to balance the right of free speech with the right of people to keep private information private. A federal case might interest South Carolina residents who do banking and other financial activities online.

A 32-year-old man was indicted in December of 2012 in a federal court on charges related to online activities. The man, who claims to have been a spokesman for Anonymous, is now ready to end the legal battle that has stretched on for 16 months. He has agreed to plead guilty to a charge or some charges related to the federal crimes.

South Carolina teen's death a result of GM auto failure?

The 19-year-old South Carolina teen was on her way from her home in Lexington to the University of South Carolina in nearby Columbia on a morning in June 2009 when her car left the highway inexplicably and ran into a tree. The coed died at the scene.

Her father, who had purchased the used blue 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt for his daughter so she could commute to her college classes, initially believed she had fallen asleep behind the wheel. However, upon learning of GM's recall of the models, he has reconsidered.

Man arrested after his Instagram posts result in drug charges

Social media has become exceedingly popular in the last few years. People fill their accounts with anecdotes of their days, complaints, best wishes and photos from around the world. One South Carolina man's Instagram posts, though, landed him in jail.

The 30-year-old man allegedly posted photos on his Instagram account that appeared to show him smoking marijuana. In addition, he was making an obscene gesture with his hand. There were also hashtags that related to illegal drugs and their use, such as #Bluntblowing and #420Live. In addition, in a move that was considered "disrespectful" by the Richland County sheriff, there was a hashtag for his department, #RCSD.

Car accident claims boy's life, alleged drunk driver denied bond

Celebrating a child's accomplishments is something that many parents do without really thinking. Whether the celebration involves going out for pizza or something else, it is meant to be a fun reward for the child. Sadly, one South Carolina mother's attempt to celebrate her son's award ended in tragedy.

The 3-year-old boy had received an award at school. His mother decided to take him out to celebrate. On the way to get pizza, their vehicle was struck by an alleged drunk driver. The man's vehicle went left of center at around 10 at night on North Springs Road. The boy was on life support following the crash and subsequently died. The mother wasn't seriously injured in the car accident that claimed her son's life.

Man who stole doctor's identity pleads guilty to federal crimes

When you visit a doctor, you expect that the physician has completed medical school and is licensed to practice medicine. Unfortunately for hundreds of people in South Carolina, the person they thought was a doctor wasn't.

The 51-year-old man was arrested and charged with the federal crime of committing health care fraud by using someone else's identity, as well as state charges for illegally distributing a controlled substance and practicing medicine without a license. He pleaded guilty to the federal crime on March 4 but the other charges are unresolved.

Tragic South Carolina car accident claims 1 life, injures 3

According to a Jan. 2 article in the Washington Post, traffic deaths fell in the first half of 2013 by 4.1 percent compared to the first half of 2012. The South Carolina Highway Patrol said that the number of traffic fatalities fell by 17 percent in 2013 compared to the previous year. Authorities believe that the reduction in traffic deaths is due to better safety measures in motor vehicles, increased diligence in preventing drunk driving and an increase in seat belt usage.

Unfortunately, there are still fatal car accidents on South Carolina roadways, including one that occurred on March 7 in the late afternoon hours. The accident happened when two vehicles crashed at the intersection of SC 763, which is also known as Myrtle Beach Highway, and Highway 378.

South Carolina man faces charges for violent crime against teen

On Feb. 26, 2014, an 18-year-old girl was found dead behind Haig's Creek Subdivision in a wooded area. That lead detectives on a search for her killer, who had apparently strangled her. According to the Kershaw County Sheriff, an arrest has been made in the case. They aren't searching for any other suspects in the girl's death.

A 21-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the violent crime. The sheriff said the man and girl were acquaintances, possibly from school. The man has a previous criminal history that includes jail time for receiving stolen goods. The stolen goods were from a burglary that included a stolen truck. The stolen truck was found in the same place where the young lady's body was found. He was also previously arrested for domestic violence, but that case is still pending.

2 DUI charges for state representative, will not run again

A South Carolina state representative will not be seeking reelection. Sen. Ted Vick issued a news release that said he wasn't running again because "he wanted to spend time with his family." However, the senator is facing not one, but two, charges of driving under the influence.

The senator was arrested in mid-2012 by a Columbia, South Carolina, police officer. The officer reported that Sen. Vick's vehicle smelled like alcohol. According to an article in The Huffington Post dated May 24, 2012, the senator was arrested for speeding, drunk driving and illegal possession of a pistol. He was able to post bond on the charges for speeding and DUI, but it took some time for a bond to be set for the weapons violation.

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